by RPG on 2011-02-25

Coloring is fun! I think that’s something you and I agree on, but sometimes it could be that even though it’s fun it’s also a little bit annoying. For example when the muscles in your hand start to cramp, the tip of your pencil breaks 3 times in a row or when your coloring page get’s torn apart while you’re coloring.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution for everything!

The Best Coloringpages is working on a few films in which Dana is sharing some advice on how to hold your pencils, how to use several colors together, how to use other materials and a lot more!

The first Film is online now, divided into 2 parts.
In this film Dana is coloring one of her own drawings and she explains what is the easiest way to hold your pencil, how to make a color lighter or darker and how to make certain things stand out more by using a dark pencil.

[youtube video_code=”bTyo9WKU_kE”]

[youtube video_code=”VcKcpOQKC-M”]

Do you have any questions or things you’d like to share about these tricks? Or do you have some great tricks yourself you’d like to tell?? Please let us know by leaving a message at the bottom of this page.