by RPG on 2014-06-14

Welcome to our Balamory coloring pages. Balamory is a Scottish live action television series on British television (BBC One, BBC Two and CBeebies) for pre-school children, based around the fictional small island community of Balamory in Scotland. It was produced between 10 February 2002 and 14 April 2005 by BBC Scotland, with 254 episodes made (including a DVD-exclusive Christmas episode). The series was created by Brian Jameson.

Balamory was filmed mostly in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, with the exception of scenes at Archie’s castle filmed at Fenton Tower in North Berwick and Other Scenes like the park and Nursery Filmed in Glasgow

Other than Suzie Sweet and Penny Pocket, who share a building and run Pocket and Sweet (a shop set in Balamory), each main character has their own house in the town, and each house has a distinctive colour. The colour of each character’s house is the same as the clothes they wear with the exception of Penny Pocket, who lives in the Red House but wears blue, and PC Plum, who lives in the white house but wears a police uniform. But with our Balamory coloring pages you will be able to choose the colors yourself.

They also have their own songs which they often sing during their appearances in the programme. What’s the Story in Balamory is the theme of the show and a sample in the background on the credits. Sell Me A Coat (which is by David Bowie) and the coloured house song to see which coloured house they’re going to (e.g. Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, White, Blue or Green) after Miss Hoolie’s vocals. Archie makes anything out of boxes, drink boxes, sausage boxes, milk bottles, pebbles, pizza boxes, tape cassette, chocolate boxes, yogurt pots, cotton reels and more and he lives in the pink house, which is actually a castle. He went up the top of the castle tower using binoculars which was seen on Symbols and Signs.

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