by RPG on 2011-04-28

Have you ever had a picnic, outside in a field during a sunny day?

My friends Mrs. Bunny and Mr. Duck have, in fact here’s a nice coloring page of them having a picnic!
They are already outside in the sun near their favorite spot: a big mushroom to shade them from the sun. Mrs’ Bunny took her big picnic basket along for the trip (can you imagine what yummy things will be in it?) and Mr. Duck took some nice balloons as decoration for the picnic.
And guess what, they are not alone! There’s also some sweet little insects that came along to enjoy the picnic.

Looks like they’re all set. Although, the one thing they are missing is some color. Can you help color our friends in this cute coloring page?

Don’t forget to save your coloring page when you’re done, so that everyone can see it! All you have to do is click on the save button above the coloring page, and wait a little bit until it is done saving.

You can also add this coloring page to your Google start page by clicking this button:Add to iGoogle

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