Sint his horse

by RPG on 2011-11-26

The evening has almost arrived, the evening of Sinterklaas..

But before it will arrive, there’s someone else we shouldn’t forget about! The horse of Sinterklaas, Amerigo!
Amerigo heads out on the rooftops each night together with Sinterklaas and Black Pete, regardless of the weather conditions, to ensure that every child will have a present in their shoe the next morning. To thank Amerigo, a lot of children leave a carrot in their shoe at the end of the day (or sugar cubes, but that’s not very healthy for his teeth ofcourse!).
If you haven’t thanked the kind horse of Sinterklaas this year, you should do it fast! But first it’s time to color this beautiful online coloring page of Sinterklaas his horse!

Don’t forget to save your coloring page when you’re done, so that everyone can see it! All you have to do is click on the save button above the coloring page, and wait a little bit until it is done saving.

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