Barbie is one of the most popular dolls in the world and I bet you love dressing her up and playing with her too!
Since it’s not a very good idea to color on your own Barbie doll (believe me, I’ve tried and it did not look good!), we’ve collected a whole lot of Barbie coloring pages for you to be creative with!

You can start coloring Barbie by clicking here to go to the coloring pages!

Barbie Thumbelina

We’d like to welcome you into the world of the Twillerbees with these coloring pages from Barbie Thumbelina.
Make Thumbelina and her two best friends Janessa and Chrysella look like they never have before, by giving them your favorite colors!

Can’t wait to start coloring Barbie Thumbelina? Then please click here to go to the coloring pages!