Sinterklaas is about to arrive on his steamboat together with Zwarte Piet, I hope you have all been good children this year?
We think you have been, so we’ve got some nice Sinterklaas coloring pages for you to feast your pencils on!

If you’ve been a sweet kid, you can click here to go to our Sinterklaas coloring pages!

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a well known holiday, which is most popular in the United States.
Now you can celebrate along on this day, with some help of our Thanksgiving Day coloring pages!

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Sint his horse

Have you met Amerigo yet? I would hope so, because he’s the most famous horse in the Netherlands! Why? Because in December he is on the rooftops to help Sinterklaas deliver presents to all the good children! Say thank you to Sinterklaas his horse, by coloring our Sinterklaas his horse online coloring page!

Click here to go to the online coloring page of Sinterklaas his horse.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is right around the corner, but do you actually know what it is about? For some children it might be something which they’ve never really given much thought, but for others it might be something that has impacted their whole life.. Read and color all about it now, with our new Veterans Day coloring pages!

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